Getting Customized USB Keys

Customized USB Keys are the ideal solution for any traveling salesman. I love the look and feel of catalogues when I'm in a meeting with customers, but I can't travel with a catalogue for each brand and each customer. What are my options to make sure they have all the information they need?
  • Emails: Easy to send, but limited in the picture quality of the catalogues
  • FTP links: Whether you use your own FTP or or another service (such as yousendit), you're adding a step to the customer who's already receiving hundreds of emails a day. Also, when dealing with remote areas with spotty or slow Internet connections, large files are a problem
  • CDs: While they're slim on their own, they take up a lot of volume in bulk when factoring in their jewel case. Also, they're fragile and many new netbooks / ultrabooks are ditching disc drives altogether, so you're not certain your customer will even be able to read the data
  • USB Keys:Lightweight, can hold more data than a traditional CD (not everyone has a Blue Ray or DVD reader), can be tossed around in a suitcase, and all computers have USB ports (except for those classified jobs).  The downside is that a generic USB looks like any other, and it may get lost on your customer's desk.
So you're going with USB Keys, but you also have to make your key stand out from the dozens that we all have on our desks. Make your customer's life easier and customize that key. Customization ranges from the shape of the key to a simple logo application.  The point is that your key will stand out. 

My next trip spans 15 days, 11 legs, 10 cities, 6 countries, and in the middle is a 2 day conference with many potential buyers. I researched many USB customizing companies, and ended up with and I will keep working with them in the future.


  • Fast lead times:  Flashbay delivered 50 customized keys to my office in less than 10 days.
  • Fast estimates:  I was hesitating between 2 types of USB keys (shapes), and different sizes (GBs vs MBs), and they provided all estimates with updates based on my questions within the day. Also, it's great to be working with someone based in the US or Canada
  • Fast Renders: The biggest hesitation is how the key will look.  They sent me renders of a laser engraved key vs a color printed key with the artwork I sent.  When I decided on the kind of printing, they were able to print one image on one side of the key (logo of the company and brands I represent), and another image on the other side (logo of the company and my contact details).  I recommend including your contact details on your key, it makes it easier for your buyers
I decided to work with after comparing quotes, testimonials, and seeing their exhaustive list of clients, that include Shell, Unilever, Toshiba, National Geographic, and Coca Cola.  The qualities of their drives are great, and I strongly recommend using them.

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