Dear Reader, My name is Phil, and was raised between Argentina, New York, and Paris; a typical third culture kid.  A lot of what you will find on this blog are dear to me, and usually the product of trials, research, errors, and successes.  I will only review products, books, or services that I have personally tried / purchased.

I started my company a few years ago in the winter of 2009 with a dream of flexibility in an industry I love, the travel retail (the sale of products to duty free stores - not a travel agent).  It's been a great ride, and I look forward to staying in the industry for the years to come, but I also want to enjoy more of the places I go to, and with that in mind, I'll share those experiences with you.  I probably hold the record of having been to Rio over 15 times and never seeing the Corcovado. My itineraries usually span several countries in semi-record time on mostly professional trips, and this should be taken into consideration on my choices and recommendations.  My choices and preferences will probably not apply to a backpacker, and may entail a higher budget.

But enough of the professional side, and let's head on to hobbies; mainly diving, paddle boarding, reading, strumming my fingers on a guitar, and challenging the percussive instrument that is the piano to sound legato.  And then there's a bunch of statistical analyses, technological reviews, following politics, etc.  You've guessed it: jack of all trades, and master of few.

I do not collect any data from visitors to this site.  Sometimes, if I review a book / product / service, I will try to provide a link to help you get it as fast as possible.  In some cases, I am an affiliate, and in others, I am not.

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