Traveling: the Toshiba Portege is probably not right for you

A few months ago, my father in law wanted to switch from his Acer One netbook to something more powerful. His requirements were pretty straightforward:
  • Light:  As he travels extensively to areas riddled with cobblestones and dirt roads, the wheeled carry-on was not an option.  He therefore needs to carry the laptop in a backpack;
  • Powerful: This computer is his portable office, and he needs to run all of his software from a single place without the benefit of a big desktop or more powerful machine in a permanent location;
  • Great Screen: Why put an extra strain on your eyes?  Get a laptop with a great screen
  • Battery Life: Crop fields are very scarce on electric outlets, and so are airplanes.  A battery life of at least 5 hours was key
  • Carried by Best-Buy: If your time is limited, and you cannot be without a computer for more than a day, brick and mortar stores are still your best option.  They usually have an in-house customer service and technical support team, and they have their own warranty system that can exchange your laptop for you if you need it.  That's why I still buy my more expensive electronics with vendors who have a real store front in my area.  Best-Buy is my go-to store in Miami
After reviewing all of the models in Best-Buy, we chose the Toshiba Portege Ultrabook (TPU).  It worked as expected, powering up quickly thanks to its solid state drive, and there were no software issues.  It didn't crash for the first month and ran great.  If you won't be traveling, this is a good machine.

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